The State of Guerrero, Mexico, despite the important role that it played in the formation of the nation and its wealth, both cultural and material, lacks a central program that does it self-sufficient in the areas of science culture, research and technological development. Based on the analyzes shown in the State Development Plan 2011-2015 of the State of Guerrero, the reports of the activities of 2008-2010 and Diagnosis in Science, Technology and Innovation for the state of Guerrero 2004-2011 prepared by the Consultative Forum Science and Technology (FCCyT); in those papers, can watch that virtually the Guerrero state and Hidalgo state are the only states of the mexican federation lacking a center of scientific and technological research that serve as linking between companies and institutions of higher education by promoting technology management between them. For those reasons a project was developed and delivered to the state government of Guerrero and subsidiaries thereof for the creation of a "Center for Innovation and Technological Development". Since there was no response to it, a group of academics from UNAM and a teacher-psychologist of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), we decided to create with our own resources the "Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Guerrero, AC" as a nonprofit Civil Association , it is legally constituted and registered with the Tax Administration System (SAT).


Institutions such as the Center for Applied Science and Technological Development of the UNAM (CCADET), the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGro), Acapulco Institute of Technology (ITA) and the Civil Association Foundation Guerrero, are signing cooperation agreements with the CICTEG in order to implement exchanges and technical and scientific support, to promote science and technology in function with the characteristics of the region and the Guerrero state needs.


The CICTEG is been registered in the RENIECYT from CONACYT.