The CICTEG have as its primary object the scientific and technological research in the state of Guerrero.

As specific objectives, we have the following:

1. Shaping academic research groups with postgraduate professionals with experience and recognized expertise in the field, to develop and implement new technologies.

2. Establish an interdisciplinary group conformed with scientists, technologists and psycho-pedagogues national and international.

3.Publish and disseminate the progress concerning scientific and technological achievements of the academics and research groups, in order to promote and develop new technologies, that it helping in social development.

4. To establish and promote scientific and technological relations with other Professional Associations in the country and abroad.

5. Participate in collaborative agreements of academic type, teaching and learning through the exchange of professional knowledge with universities and technological institutes.

6. Strengthen scientific and technological culture.

7. Provide social assistance services through projects of scientific research and technological development.

8. Create, develop and innovate projects supported by the needs, resources and exploitation of resources of the regions of the state.

9. Propose and promote research and psycho-pedagogic development for the inclusion of people with special abilities in educational and productive systems in the state.

10. Provide services to assist persons with disabilities and social groups.

11. Promote the Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Guerrero, AC, as an advisory body and sole representative academic, civic and government institutions in the country, linked to support undergraduate and graduate projects of scientific, technological and pedagogic research.

12. Build a database of research on the subject, protecting personal data in accordance with the Privacy Act.

13. Provide advice and consultancy for the creation of small and medium-sized high-tech companies in the state of Guerrero.

14. Procure property and rights, real and personal property necessary for the development of the objectives of the Association.

15. Provide services to anyone who asks no matter what their economic status, religion and sexual preference.

16. To receive donations from individual or entity public or private sector, and do all kinds of events allowed, nonprofit, to fund research projects.