The main function of this area is to do research to promote with the public school community (supervisors, principals, teachers, parents and students) of the kindergarten, elementary school and "telesecundaria" (rural junior high school) an inclusive education program as an alternative to meet the demands of students with special educational and emotional needs in order to be more efficient the educational services of the State of Guerrero.

The objectives of the area are:

• Field visits to public TV-rural junior high schools baseline for detecting N.E.E

• Statistical Analysis N.E.E.

• Classification of the skills and abilities to establish profiles of subjects of study with SEN, using projective tests and psychometric Getzell chamber (in process)

• Establish agreements with the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGRO), National Pedagogical University (UPN) to implement pedagogical mechanisms that allow students assertive integration to the technical educational levels, and higher with different capacities .

• Experiential workshops, awareness, humanistic, pedagogical and psychological.

• Publications of the results on national and international indexed journals.

Psychoeducational care Strategies for pupils with special educational needs in TV-junior high school level mode (similar to rural junior high school).


Claudia Bertha Zavala Bush,