Development and construction of systems to detect, measure, record, process and transmit natural variables in applications of scientific and / or technology projects

An instrumentation system includes a set of elements of optical, thermal, mechanical, electronic and computer detection, in order to establish relationships between them and to do designing programs, automate processes and studies to ensure the reproducibility of measurements.

A measuring instrument is a device that acquires a measurement variable and translates it into a form suitable, for a user can record, detect or see, this is a measurement of a signal. Hence measurement system is a tool for measuring of the several variables.

In the instrumentation, the main component is the sensor, which is used to detect and convert the input physical variable, which is measured by the sensor and turn it into a output signal.

The measured or controlled variables can be:

• Physical Variables: flow, volume, pressure, temperature, level, speed, weight, humidity, dew point.

• Chemical variables: pH, electrical conductivity, redox.



Antonio Alfonso Rodríguez Rosales